Meet Pablo – Cozumel Diving

I am an instructor and dive master who has worked these
waters for years.  I love Cozumel and I love to SCUBA
dive.  My dive operation offers you many options:

  •  We dive at your schedule   
  • Small group diving (up to 6)
  • Pickup from any resort
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Custom Dive trips
  • Picnics on the beach

Balones of Chankanaab is around 40 to 70 feet in depth.
It consists of balloon shaped coral heads.   Expect to see a
lot of color, crabs, and lobsters. Good for the novice diver.


Chankanaab Reef is around 35 to 55 feet in depth.  This
is an excellent night dive located a short boat ride from
shore about 350 yards.  The sights are wonderful at this
reef — very lively with a lot of colorful fish and eels.


Paradise Reef comes in at less than 45 feet in depth.   It
is located about 200 yards from shore.  It can be dove
from boat or shore.   This is one of the most lively reefs
in Cozumel.  It is frequented by schools of Tang, angels,
and yellowtails.  This reef does not disappoint.


Paso El Cedral consists of a very lively reef with a series of long swim
thrus.  It is good for the beginner diver but is  also
enjoyed  the experienced diver.  Come take a tour of
these swim thrus, you are bound to see a few eels and
angel fish.  Some of the bigger fish from the deeper part
of Planacar come and surf the current for food.

Palancar Horseshoe is about 20 to 100 feet deep.

This dive site is unique in that the coral heads have
formed a horseshoe.


Palancar Caves comes in at 60 to 100 feet.  This reef
has good caves and large swim thrus perfect  for the
beginner diver.


Deep Palancar is the the wall dive in the Planacar
area.  The wall begins at 90 to 100 feet, and is in
excellent condition. Currents vary along the wall, this
dive is recommended for experienced divers only.


Cedral Wall is a very colorful wall dive with a lot
of colorful coral and fish. This wall has a fairly
swift current; this is not a dive recommended for
the novice diver.


Santa Rosa Reef is “the wall” dive in Cozumel.
The drop off begins at around 45 feet and has a
good  current. There are a lot of big groupers
which gather to be fed by divers.

santa rosa wall



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